Guangzhou Declines K1 + CR1 Visas

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Several Immigration lawyers who help prepare and submit  K-1 and Spousal CR-1 visas are rallying together to complain and lobby against apparent procedural problems in the US visa section, Guangzhou China.  In looking at their in-house data, after which mixing this data over the different firms, they feel their statistics demonstrate the Visa Section in Guangzhou is denying an abnormally high number of K-1 and CR-1 applications.The lawyers assertion would be that the visa officials in Guangzhou are gone fervent in using a greater standard than is official Condition Department policy. They feel it has led to Applications which routinely could be approved at every other consulate, being unfairly refused in Guangzhou. Based by themselves overview of the refused cases, the lawyers have intuited the list below of additional-regular reasons they feel K applications were refused in Guangzhou.

No Common Language, No Visa.

One Visit, No Visa.

Marriage on First Visit, no Visa.

Large Age Different, No Visa.

3 or more partnerships by Individual, No Visa.

Fundamental essentials apparent “Red Flags” when using for that K1 or Spousal visa in China.  I recommend all Chinese-American couples to bolster the look of their genuine relationship, by addressing a few of the issues in the above list.

Enroll the Girlfriend in English School if her English is weak.

Have a second trip. Have a second or third visit, spend in person time together.

Within the situation from the refused applications, real love finally won out. Each refused couple, marry, in China, then applied again, this time around to have an IR1or CR1 visa, after lengthy delays, they were granted.

The need for another group of eyes.

I simply did overview of a I-129F petition for Alien Fiance. The sponsor in attempting to describe the connection between himself and his girlfriend, entered great detail about every single gift, and every payment he sent her to aid rent, tuition, access to the internet, and so forth. He felt he was showing exactly what a good provider he was, and just how serious he ended up being to support his future wife. The issue is, when she’s your spouse and you’re simply doing everything, well, it’s expected. But while she’s your partner / girlfriend, then your visa officer includes a inclination to question, ” is this can be a genuine committed relationship, or sugar-dad meets gold digger.?”

When confronted with immigration, you can’t manage to send the incorrect signals. I counseled him to rewrite his essay, and stay with personal subjects of compatibility, associations, romance, guy to lady, partner to partner, plans for future years and so forth. To see the entire text from the review I carried out visit I-129F Petition Review

Lots of males do it yourself, doing their very own applications. They save 1000’s of dollars staying away from high lawyers costs. But it’s easy to allow them to shoot themselves within the feet by writing or saying the incorrect factor before immigration authorities.

The instructions that is included with the majority of the forms for the petition appear easy. The things they’re doing not let you know, is exactly what the visa officer is actually searching for, and just what his agenda happens when he reviews your forms. That’s in which the trouble happens. Everybody knows simple errors and omissions. Very couple of know very well what will fulfill the visa officer as he determines in the mind whether your relationship is “genuine” or otherwise.

Getting another group of expert eyeballs, take a look at your projects, and mind off potential landmines is PRICELESS insurance. When doing the petition yourself, acquiring a specialist review may be the least expensive and the easy way avoid problems and delays, to prevent rejection and misery. For additional particulars visit Girlfriend Visa and review examples of the current I-129F Petition reviews we’ve carried out.


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9 Responses to “Guangzhou Declines K1 + CR1 Visas”

  1. tony wilson | 28/01/10

    My fiancee will be processed through guangzhou after we finish establishing our petetion. Our concern is my previous marriages and my felony. she to has one divorce but I have four and my felony is from 1993 and have been single 17 years since my last divorce. I have made one visit to her and our relationship is real. How can we over come this? We are willing to marry and live in china if needed. Please any advise will be helpful thanks. Doing the petition by ourselves.

  2. admin | 29/01/10

    So far based upon what you have stated, you have multiple red flags. Felony conviction, multiple marriages, and only one visit. What would help is more ‘longevity’ and ‘quality’ in your relationship. You mentioned that you are willing to marry and live in China. Great idea. Move to China, marry, and live with your new wife for a year or more. Then apply for a spousal visa, and when granted then the both of you can move to the USA. Good luck.

  3. Michelle Tao Zhang | 29/04/10

    What is considered the “very large age difference”? My fiance and I are 13 years apart. He 32 and I’m 45? We have met and seen each other for more than 10 times during the past two years. Our relationship is real. Thanks.

  4. admin | 29/04/10

    That is a good question. Sorry, there is no simple calculation to answer it. The answer varies depending upon what culture and country you are in.

    Each US consulate hires local staff, who are knowledgeable of the local culture. These local experts are asked to decide what appears to be “culturally normal” and what is not. When they feel that your relationship is outside the normal range, your petition will attract extra scrutiny.

    Recall what the reaction of your friends and family were when you first told them about your new boy friend and of the age difference. What do you think was going through their minds? Were they thinking “perfect, lucky you”, “that is a good match”, “ok”, “maybe it will work”, “that is odd”, “surprised”, “amazed, or “shocked”. The local consular officers will probably feel the same way.

    Good luck with your petition.

  5. A.C. | 14/08/10

    This thread is old, but I hope someone can answer my question…

    I want to take my fiance to America with me to visit my country and meet my friends. I say “take” because I have been living in China for the last 3 years (I met my fiance here 2 years ago in person, not online or anything) and plan to live here for more or less the rest of my life. However, I still have a lot of ties to America, and I would like to show my fiance my country the way she has shown me hers.

    We DO NOT want to live in America. My fiance DOES NOT want to become a US citizen.

    All we want is just to be able to visit America. We tried for the Visitor visa, but were denied because the officer thought we were trying to go to America to marry and live.

    I would like to get the fiance visa (K1), but it seems like with that you MUST marry and live in America. Again, we DO NOT want that.

    So what can we do? Any advice would be appreciated.

  6. A.C. | 14/08/10

    Some more info about my situation:

    I’m 29, she’s 26.

    She started staying at my apartment after we’d known each other for about 4 months, then she “moved in”. We have since moved to a larger apartment together.

    This is more or less the normal Hollywood romance situation, we met at our jobs, we were friends first, then started dating, then started spending almost all our time together, and now we are engaged to be marry. It would be no problem at all to prove our genuine relationship. My mother has even come to China to meet her (with photo proof).

    I just want to take her to America to visit. How can I do it?


  7. admin | 14/08/10

    As live-in lovers, your situation doe not have any standing with immigration.

    The question is: if you have been living with the girl for 3 years, why are you not married? Their assumption that maybe you wanted to bring her to American and finally marry there is logical. As reflected by the visa denial.

    If you are serious about marriage, and about visiting the USA together, your best approach would be to marry in China. Then a long time after, when it is firmly established that even after marriage you still remain in China, then at that time try for another visitor visa.

    To be granted the visa, US immigration must be convinced that your wife is not planning to try to remain permanently in the US once she arrives here.

    The US government will gladly issue tourist visas to Chinese who are well off, and can demonstrate they have strong ties to China, like great jobs, or real estate. Basically to people that immigration is confident will only visit for a while, then return right back to where they came from.

    As you are a US citizen, and you are the one to accompany your wife, I suggest you prepare a letter to be attached to the application that explains the situation and what your plans are.

    In your letter you should explain:

    How long you have been resident in China.

    Your intention to continue to remain indefinitely, permanently in China with your wife.

    Confirm that you understand the requirement for, and will DEFINITELY apply via normal official channels for a spousal visa, if immigration to the USA becomes the plan later.

    Confirm you just would like to have a short visit in the USA, to visit family and would like your wife to accompany you.

    If you have both names on a lease, I would attach that document

    If you have a permanent residence visa to China, I would include proof of that as well.

  8. ruchy | 1/05/11

    i have been in a relationship since 2005 with my American boyfriend, and we tried a visiting visa in 2009 which was delayed, cos we were asked to file the appropriate petition which is the k1, we filed the k1 in 2010 after we had our traditional engagement with our both families in 2009.and the k1 was denied because we were told that if a traditional engagement is done, that means we are married by the culture of my country. so we decided to do a civil marriage a week after my denial, because my spouse was in the country. and we were asked to file an i130 petition for spouse, which has been filled and approved, but we are waiting for interview date. we have all our pictures and cal records ready. what kind of question should i expect and what is our faith?

  9. Matchmaker | 1/05/11

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